I can’t help imagining him freaking out because yesasia takes too long to send him the album

Tony is sitting in front of his PC. The countdown is finally at zero and the album they have worked so hard on is finally released. He is confused though, where do I even get it from? He tweets about his confusion and all too fast an army of, well, ARMYs have tweeted him the answer. He goes to yesasia and is confused still, but in the end he manages to order his first ever korean cd. 

Days go by and he learns more about korean business, that there comes photocards and such in the packages. He grins, hopes to get a Jimjim one.

2 weeks have passed, and Tony is getting nervous now. will my cd ever come? he wonders to himself. A couple of days later and he’s sure it’s a scam. He get’s frustrated, but he takes it out in the gym.

He hears a ringing on the doorbell as second week after he’s ordered it is almost up. He goes to answer, and he breakes out into a relieved smile when he sees that the package is from korea. He gives his thanks and hurries to open the thing. 

First is first and with shaking hands he puts on the cd to have something to listen to as he looks through the photobook. It reminds him of smiles and laughs and days spent in excitement with the korean musicians.

But inside is a V photocard. He sighs, but then he wonders, maybe Coolio wants to change cards with him?

jimiin SAID:
(what) Tony sighed. he'd never admit it, but today had been one of the best days he'd had for a while. a long while. thinking back to it, he got a fluttering feeling in his stomach. he didn't really know what it was about the little Jimjim that made him, in his eyes, just a little better at everything than the others. he remembers the laughs they'd shared. all four of them of course. but the small hands on his arms is still what's getting him to fall asleep with a smile on his face that night.



imagine tony jones tucking bangtan in every night

kissing all their foreheads b4 turning off the lights

whispering ‘stay frosty my little korean friends’