Hi! I was wondering if SOME (jimin fansite) still allowing to edit their photos?

No, it doesn’t allow editing anymore :(

hey! i saw your post and i don't want to see you sad you are one of the best person i saw here in tumblr and i think in your personal life you are the friend we all want! and you don't deserve to be sad! i wanted to write it so bad =$

Thank you. I don’t really have more words I don’t know what to say, just thank you a lot. Even tho… I doubt people want a friend like me. I am tired of seeing everybody leave even if I do my best, or people saying they want to be friends with me and then never coming back (because they realized they don’t really want to, to be honest, it always happens the same with people who say that, anon or not, and I never see them again). I understand that my best is so little, but I can’t do more ^^’
Thank you for being so nice and thinking I could be a valid friend, you are amazing for doing this and I am so sorry I am so fucked up some of you have to worry or send me stuff like this. I keep promising to be a better person but it seems that I can’t achieve it because I keep breaking down like this. Thank you again, thank you so much ;; and I kind of wish I could readmore thos because I dom’t want to make people read this if they don’t want to, but I am on phone so I am sorry guys :(

If you see me being slow or even innactive… it’s only that I need to hide for a while and I need to keep a distance from here if I don’t want to end up deleting this blog. Sorry and ily ♥


Artist: KASPER (캐스퍼)
Song: HELL & BACK (Original by Kid Ink)
Album: Single “HELL & BACK”

Unfortunately, it’s much less common to find female rappers than male rappers. I have to say, Kasper has to be one of my favorites. When I listen to her rap, I get goosebumps, which doesn’t happen often. She’s truly talented and worth checking out!

I have no idea on how I am going to deal with the wait for Age of Ultron and I am already so hyper for MCU phase three which starts… in a year…